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We offer affordable training, consulting, and resources

SynCore EDU offers affordable training, consulting, and resources for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

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From litigation testimony and staff training to policy reviews and updates, we can help you get the most from your staff education and business strategy.


The scope of surgery can be very complex. We can create action plans for court testimony and Joint Commission responses. We also offer detailed reports and will speak on behalf of your company. We offer simple solutions as needed in your situation.


Operating rooms today have service line coordinators and specialty techs for specialty cases but in sterile processing all techs are expected to know everything and it has never worked. Training spd techs similar to the practices of the O.R is key to bridging the communication gaps and preventing service delays within your department.


We take a deep dive into your sterile processing department product utilization and your staffs understanding of such resources. We find that on average there is substantial waste that can be easily eliminated with better work practices that will easily satisfy any infection control regulatory agency.


So your staff knows how to load the autoclave and washer; but does your staff truly understand their job and the science behind it ?.We give complete competencies in decontamination, assembly, quality assurance, instrumentation, documentation, and will assist in creating an education curriculum or department orientation for your team. We not only will train but will teach your staff as well.


Does the equipment in your sterile processing department serves your hospital as intended?. We can assist in planning and execution of capital requests, department planning, blueprints, and design flow. Your department has to make sense for surgeon satisfaction and a highly productive team.


Once you are satisfied with the implemented changes you must make sure to include the accountability factor. We can help create policies as needed to drive the change into the needed culture change of your facility. We will also come in after the fact and help sustain the change as needed. Your success is our success.

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SynCore Education Mission

To cultivate their practice that would effectively intersect expertise, logic, and cost-effectiveness. 

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The scope of surgery can be very complex. We can create action plans for court testimony and Joint Commission responses.

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Starting a project; We can help

We at SynCore LLC know that finding the right consultant to represent your vision is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

Clients Statisfaction

Client satisfaction is our highest priority. We are professionals and deliver professionalism. By valuing innovation, creativity and results, we recognize and reward unselfish teamwork. We take challenges as opportunities and practice open, honest and responsible communication

Did you know?

  • Hospitals must operate under CFR ( codes of federal regulations)
  • Can be affected by CMS, TJC, DNV-GL, AAAHC, AAASF, CHAP, or any state or regulatory agency
  • Hospitals need maintenance plans in place and policies to support these practices. Evidenced-based approach to support the rules put in place….WE CAN HELP
  • It should be readily available to staff, whether paper or digital.
  • Basic competencies for all staff. WE CAN HELP
  • Documents for survey readiness

All invoices must be paid by the due date—no grace period on contracted services. A 10% late fee will apply to late payments and must be cleared before further work will continue. Cancelation fees may vary based on the scope of the project. Contracted prepaid services must be paid by the “start date” to ensure timely services rendered. Assessment fees for potential contractual services may be paid before or after the Assessment caused based on a contractual agreement. The Assessment fee applies even without a contractual agreement executed. All contracts may be subject to reimbursement to the vendor and may include but are not limited to travel and other expenses incurred that may be billed—the client is responsible for any state or local tax rate.

Note: Vendor/Company/Contractor: SynCore EDU LLC
All contracts are binding, whether verbal, written, or digital.

What Students Says About Us

"Small Focused Group to Work with and guided us to successful Survey Outcome

    Phillip R Henry
    Phillip R Henry


    Great course; I'm giving it 5 stars, though it deserves both. All the other parts are amazing, and good job!

      Maisha Dunn
      Maisha Dunn


      Here are simply no words to explain how well the trainers have constructed and delivered the training programs. The slides were beautifully explained and good intuition was given to the subject. The course is amazing in itself.

        Reis Leonard
        Reis Leonard